“I Can’t Come To Berlin”

17 Dec

Dear friend from far away,

It was nice to meet you at the last Kinokabaret!

I am gonna miss you at this one in Berlin, but …

do you know what is the concept of Quickino?

1. you can make a short movie “quickie” yourself  (shoot anf finished between 27.-30.12.2011, not old movies!)  and upload it to vimeo and join our group VIMEO QUICKINO

2. you can watch  the livestream kinolab & the production meetings everyday on livestream.com

3. aswell as the final screening THE NIGHT OF THE QUICKIES on 30.12.2011(and your film will be screened too)

4. you can make a channel at livestream.com from the place where you are at 30th december and we will conect to you from Berlin after midnight  (there could be livestreamings every hour from different cities)

here you can register if you wanna play!


Quickino #2

16 Dec

27. – 30. 12. 2011



So, again this year, there will be Quickino with a kinolab based in Berlin !

KINOLAB is the place where we meet and edit and screen the movies we make in the last days of 2011!

Quickino is co-organized by Kinocitta (filmmaker’s bar with a video-jubox and project wall, where already filmmakers meet and exchange their ideas), which is based in the place called The Zone  set in the heart of the New Berlin – Neukölln, where several cultural projects, concerts and party take place

Reuterstrasse 95, 12053 Berlin, Deutschland

27. Tue   : arriving, meeting, drinking, explanation of the project and ideas brainstorming
28. Wed  : 10am production meeting, 8pm Volks-Küche
29. Thur : shooting, editing all night, 8pm Volks-Küche
30. Fri     : finishing, soundmix, music, 8pm Voku   9pm final screening

What changed compare to last year Quickino is that the screening will be NOT on New Year’s Eve,
but a day before on 30. December,  so the people in Berlin would have time to come.
There will be parties and concerts in the place we are almost every night and especially  for 31.12.!
So you are welcome to celebrate The New Year here after Quickino !

Registration is only 10,- €  including breakfast and accommodation!

Until now about 10-15 people are coming to Quickino from all around Europe (Brussel, Paris, Prag, Hamburg…) and they will be hosted by Eva, Fabio and other Berlin friends…
Please, bring your sleeping bag and good cloths, be prepared for cold Berlin winter!
Every evening will be warm food, which cost max 3,- € and is vegetarian.
Nearby are possibilities for different cheap meal: sausages, kebabs, chinese.., that you can bring and eat at kinolab.
The Zone runs a bar every evening, where you can buy different beer, soft drinks or “club mate”…

Pluses and minuses

6 Jan

Now that everybody recovered in healt and that I’m able again to write, I can start  to summarize the pluses and minuses. I’m used to do it when something ends. 

I’m satisfied, not just by the good thinghs, but also bacause I learned a lot. I noticed  that what was working one minute ago can stop working in the next one; that is not natural for everyone to pay services; that stress can make you weaker, but also stronger. I feel sorry that someone didn’t came, that someone disappeared before i thought, that the kinoLab was not that full.

Now the pluses (:  I liked the people from the fake party who came to the screening, the growing number of people wathching the livestream, the people sending us movies from everywhere, the international atmosphere and the Atelier Ueberall team.                           I like your movies.

So, i wish you a happy new year and i go on recoviring in healt – sleeping.


Screening and last projects

31 Dec


The moovies we’ll be live streamed here, we’ll screen them at  Atelier Überall at 20:00  (here the event on facebook).

And after the screening… let’s party!!

If you made a movie (or you are editing rigth now) you can upload it somewhere and send the link to quickinokabaret@gmail.com, we will screen it tonight in Berlin!

With a little help from my friend

here something Roger wrote to us, just join his project if u can!!

I wish I was in Berlin today…

…Tell you what… If anyone catches this comment on time and sends me an image (photo, drawing, or composite), and optionally a 10 word audio clip (speak slowly), I will try my best to make something of it by noon my time – 7pm your time.

upload to:  www.hem.com
username quickino-berlin
password quickino

I will check in the morning. 8-9am my time, 3-4pm your time.

I look forward to checking in the morning. ; )

For the moment

31 Dec

The first evening we were so exited that we forgot to talk about the theme.

Seems it doesn’t matter.

Yesterday evening someone was shooting a party in the kinoLAB. The problem was that there was not enought people for that.

We just started going down the street asking people to join “the fake party”.

It was a moment. In that moment I felt it.

I personally want to thank anybody listened to me on the street and Roger, always following us.


here a 24second moovie -a quicky- Roger  did:

for the moment <3

P.S.: i’m still searching your hut

Why there is no KinoKabaret in wintertime

29 Dec

Yesterday, in the white quite Berlin, the first meeting started.

After some technical problems  ( We´re sorry for the sound on the livestream, we´re happy you´re watching us! Today it`ll work. ) Someone presented himself, someone has been presented by others, someone nothing. Now I´m in the kinoLAB freezing -but happy-,  sitting in front of the projects and I have to confess I´m dying because to courious..

Yesterday, in the white quite Berlin, we finally understood why.

Photo made by Julien -from atelier ueberall- in the yard.

I’m a mc Gyver

29 Dec

That’s not just the first picture I did with a 7D -from the QuicKino:)

that’s also what I saw in a funny-dramatic moment during the night between the 26th and 27th december 2010.

In that moment I think I understood what would mc Gyver do…


It never happend to me to laugh so mutch on the toilet!

I love my team :*